DIY Bacterial Elimination 

Zydox is a special product made up of Chlorine Dioxide.

Used here for central coast mould, pathogen, bacterial, odour and flood remediation.

Animal Health

Poultry, Cats & Dogs (domestic and commercial), Horses, Cattle, Pigs, Aviary Birds.

Control of harmful microorganisms -treatment of upper Respiratory fungal & viral infections


Swimming Pools, Tanks, Potable Water, Cooling Towers, Hot Springs,  Hospital Water Supplies.

Sanitizing and Cleaning

Cars, Caravans, Homes, Boats, Industrial Units, Damp Environments such as Cold Rooms, Units, Hostels, Landfill Sites, Hospitals, Hotels, Motels 

Reducing Airborne Pathogens and Removing Bacteria

Mushrooms, Fish & Seafood, Vegetables, Fridges, Freezers, Meat Processing, Cold Storage


A potent, cost effective and rapid acting Odour and Mould removal system for the control of smoke odour, pet odours, vomit, mould and similar malodour affecting homes, rental accommodation, caravans, boats and business premises.

Breathe ezy spray

An unactivated stabilised chlorine dioxide solution for the destruction of harmful pathogens which cause respiratory disease in aviary birds, poultry and domestic pets.


Chlorine Dioxide, read more here