Solar Ventilation

We stock the two best solar ventilation brands in Australia. SolarVenti and SolarWhiz. 

But why do we choose solar ventilation for the central coast?


Healthier home or business: Central coast solar ventilation removes the humid, stale old air from inside your building, while allowing fresh natural air to flow through. The SolarVenti system filters out impurities such as asthma and allergy triggers along with dust, mould spores and any other airborne pathogens. Leaving you with a healthier Indoor Air Quality. 

Heating your home or business: Using the sun rays for exactly what they are good at - Heating! The SolarVenti solar air collector panel fitted to your roof or external wall will use the suns rays to heat air and ventilate. This air is then filtered and pumped through the house or business for warm, humidity free, purified air. No more need for the gas or electric heater! 

Cooling your home or business: Solar ventilation can also be used for cooling. The SolarWhiz products use extraction fans to pull out the hot, humid and stale air, while allowing fresh, new, natural air to flow in. This makes the SolarWhiz the perfect product for ventilating sub-floors and roofs. For cooling, the SolarVenti pushes in fresh, filtered, dehumidified air from the shaded side of the house which, through positive airflow, pushes out the old, humid, stale air. Making the SolarWhiz + the SolarVenti the perfect combination for maintaining a comfortable whole building temperature all year round. 

Drying qualities: SolarWhiz is the perfect solution to solving damp sub floors by removing the humid air that has a high moisture content. The SolarVentiventilation system  is the perfect solution for drying larger areas such as basements, homes, and even grain drying for agriculture. The dehumidification qualities of solar ventilation prevents mould from growing and dampness from arising. 

Sustainability: SolarVenti and SolarWhiz are 100% solar powered, they don't use any conventional electricity and don't give out any emissions at all. They are completely carbon free, eco-friendly central coast ventilation solutions for a sustainable home. A greener future for generations. 

Save on the electricity bill: Since solar ventilation uses no electricity you have no running costs. Plus, you will find yourself using the air conditioning and electric heater less, if at all, with the heating and cooling benefits. Saving you heaps on your electricity bills! Making your central coast lifestyle even more enjoyable.

SolarVenti  solar air collectors are the best of Danish engineering and the perfect solution to internal dampness, spacial heating and complete clean filtered air. 

Here at Solair central coast ventilation business we are exclusively the main dealer in NSW of SolarVenti ventilation products.

SolarVenti's are powered via photovoltaic panels, making SolarVenti a free way to effectively ventilate your house and prevent humidity damage. Small or large units will prevent green musty shoes, smelly mouldy clothing or suits or dresses, we will save you on laundry and dry cleaning bills.

A Solarventi ventilation system will eliminate dampness, mould and condensation in your house and create a healthy, dry, clean environment. In your office or workplace we can eliminate sick building syndrome using filtered ventilation and in turn create a clean office environment with a Solarventi.

Solair has a full working SolarVenti air heating and cooling ventilation demonstration system  open for viewing at the Randwick Council's Sustainable House -Barrett House, 6 Barrett Place, Randwick. There is also one at Arts Barn in Kariong. Take a visit and feel the warmth and comfortable environment of this ventilation system for yourself. Both properties stay dry, comfortable and have a healthy environment all year round for its occupants and visitors. 


Solar Whiz is the swift powerful heat and ventilation extraction fanthat has no electricity costs or carbon emissions!

Solar powered - No running cost - Increased comfort - Hundreds of dollars in savings.

Solair is bringing you the new & exciting Solar Whiz high volume commercial air extraction fan! The Solar Whiz is a powerful solar powered heat and ventilation extraction fan that operates completely off the grid.

Most commonly, Solar Whiz ventilation fan is used to remove hot air, toxic air and fumigants from the small home businesses. However it may also be used for removing heat directly from the interior of the building.

The Solar Whiz ventilation gable fan can be roof gable wall mounted or sub-floor wall mounted to extract stale, damp or wet sub-floor air, one of the main causes of rising damp, mould ingress and rotting timbers. Once installed they will greatly assist in the reduction of termite attack and structural rot.