The SolarWhiz Roof Fan

Powerful, solar powered Fan for your roof

The Solar Whiz is a powerful ventilator & heat extractor fan. It uses solar power to operate completely without mains electricity. It is ideal for roof ventilation and home cooling in summer and great for reducing moisture levels and condensation in the roof space in winter.

SUperior Performance

The superior performance as well as ability to adapt to different climates and applications, its ease of installation and being flexible designed specifically for Australian roofs has underpinned the success for our roof cooling solar vent. 

WHat A Roof Fan Does

A fan on your roof lowers the temperature of your home by exhausting the heat inside your roof. 

During the day, sunlight emits radiant heat onto the roof. This heat then radiates into the roof space, warming it. If this roof space heat is not properly vented to the outside, it radiate's into the rooms below.

Eliminating the heat build up in your roof space (roof cooling) reduces the heat load on your ceiling and stops heat from penetrating into your living space. This results in lower temperatures in the roof space and living spaces. This could save you hundreds of dollars on cooling costs. When improving the efficiency of your existing air conditioning systems – your air conditioner won’t need to work as hard when operating and the actual running time will be reduced – as you don’t need to run the air conditioner as often. 

Lower your electricity bill

Trapped roof heat doesn't just affect your comfort level. It also creates higher utility bills. This is because appliances such as fans/refrigerators/air conditioners use more energy to work harder.

Protect your health and investment

Roof spaces are often polluted with dust, insecticides and vermin traces.  Indoor moisture, shower air, microbes and airborne pollutants vented to the a roof space leaves the potential for trapping moisture which promotes fungal growth and damp.

A Solar Whiz roof ventilator will protect the roof structure and help prevent mould and mildew or termite damage. Research has shown that the most efficient way to ventilate an attic is with a system that provides continuous airflow along the entire underside of the roof sheathing.

Achieving this desired airflow requires a balanced system of intake ventilation low at the roof’s edge or in the eaves and exhaust ventilation at the ridge or near the peak of the roof. Drawing in cooler Southern air greatly reduces temperature and increases efficiency. Eliminating the heat build up in your roof space (roof cooling) reduces the heat load on your ceiling and stops heat from penetrating into your living space.This results in lower internal temperatures and could save you hundreds of dollars on cooling costs by improving the efficiency of your existing air conditioning systems. With the removal of deadly toxins, VOC's and humidity, your lungs and respiratory system will also thank you for years to come.

Made for Australians by Australians

The Solar Whiz, designed specifically for Australian roofs, has increasingly become the popular roof ventilator of choice, for cooling commercial building or home ventilation.

Equivalent of 30x Whirly birds

The air flow capacity of the traditional Whirly Bird is 100 cbm/h at full wind or gravitational draw. Meanwhile, our Solar Whiz units through output between 700-2100 cbm/h. That's is a more output! Superior in performance and air volume, it is highly adaptive for different climates and applications. 

Don't fall into the trap of multiple Whirly Birds

Unfortunately, adding two whirlybirds, side by side, will actually bring in more hot air form the roof surface -one unit takes the air in, the other takes it out - simple maths. A solar powered fan assures that air goes out only, not in. The only effective option for ‘real’ cooling, house ventilation or in commercial heat evacuation.

Not Just A Roof Fan

Most commonly, the Solar Whiz roof vent is used to remove hot air from the roof/attic space, however it may also be used for removing heat directly from the interior of the building or to provide home ventilation.

Take for example a 40ft container has a cubic capacity of 67.7cbm. On that basis a Solar Whiz sw2100RAF can move up to 31 40ft containers an hour. This is crucial when eliminating the heat flux generate by the area of your roof.

Solar Whiz units are also available and acceptable means of ventilation for specialty areas like bush-fire zones and heritage buildings.


Solar Whiz Pricing

RRP - Residential

Solar Whiz 700RAF,700 m3/h - 10W PV

Roof Mounted - $515
Gable Mounted - $475

Solar Whiz 900RAF, 900m3/h - 10W PV

Roof Mounted - $650
Gable Mounted - $600

Solar Whiz 1400RAF, 1400M3/H - 20W PV

Roof Mounted - $745
Gable Mounted - $670

Solar Whiz 2100RAF, 2100M3/H - 35W PV

Roof Mounted - $910
Gable Mounted - $825
No PV Panel - $745


Solar Whiz 7000RAF,  7kM3/H - 100W PV

Roof Mounted - $2355
Wall Mounted w/o Louvre - $2120
Wall Mounted w/ Louvre - $2355

Solar Whiz 10,000RAF,  10kM3/H - 150W PV

Roof Mounted - $2785
Wall Mounted w/o Louvre - $2530
Wall Mounted w/ Louvre - $2780

All units are available for connection to these accessories.

Fixed thermostat - (29C)    - $50

Night Kit with transformer and adjustable thermostat.  $205