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Preventing smoke alarms from going off all around Australia, range hoods regularly save the day when culinary disasters turn black in the blink of an eye. They're also great for taking away the heat, steam and fats, drawing it away from the cook’s face as they create their masterpiece.


We know from heavy testing, that ducted range hoods are best – these are the ones that suck out the odour's to vent outside. Here at Solair we only stock and install Schweigen Range Hoods as we believe they are the highest quality and best in the industry, and our customers agree! Schweigen is focused on improving the environment outside your kitchen as well as improving conditions inside. Their classic silent rangehoods are renowned for their superior styling, excellent performance and silent operation. The rangehoods come equipped with the IsoDrive motor system which is quietest and most powerful domestic extraction motor and fan available in the market. The motors are placed externally outside your home generating little or no noise inside your kitchen. So while the noise is being eliminated, the airflow performance excels creating the ideal balance between power and silence. These Schweigen IsoDrive© motors are amongst the most energy efficient in the market, requiring just 62 watts of power to run, compared to the competition which uses a minimum of 180 watts. With multiple motor extraction options, there is a suitable size for all cooking styles. We stand behind the quality of our rangehoods and motors. That's why we are confident enough to offer a 3-year warranty on all undermount, and the silent IsoDrive© motors have an outstanding 10-year warranty. Stylish, practical and silent, Schweigen rangehoods are the perfect addition to any modern kitchen. Come into the Solair showroom to listen to how quiet our Schweigen Silent range hood demo is!


How are these rangehoods silent?  Simple!  We removed the noisy, bulky motor out of the rangehood and replaced it with a compact German-made motor that sits on your roof in a neat weather -proof shroud. This eliminates noise from your kitchen and lets you enjoy your cooking experience. 


This is where Schweigen excels. Their range hoods consume a minimal amount of energy to complete the task of extracting the most amount of air. 62 watts is all it takes to run a Schweigen Isodrive Motor. Compare this to our competitors who use a minimum of 180 watts or noisy motors.


Using their highly efficient Isodrive Motor, Schweigen range hoods are able to successfully generate a lot of air extraction. Having the motor on the roof, the Isodrive Motor never has to push air up against gravity to remove fumes from your home. This means it can use all its power to do what a range hood is designed to do -remove large volumes of cooking steam and smoke from your kitchen.


Contact us today to organise an install. Ask about our discount package for Product + Installation Kit + Install. Unfortunately we can only perform installs from Sydney to Newcastle. If your residence is outside of this area, have your local handy man read the Installation guide for your product, and contact us if they have any questions. You'll need a licensed electrician to install a power point if one is not available.

Schweigen Range

Stylish, practical and silent, Schweigen rangehoods are the perfect addition to any modern kitchen.