SolarVenti Solar Powered Fan ventilation 

Solar Powered Fan Heats Home and gives Ventilation

Warm air forever!  From the first phone call to the final installation of my SV30, it's been a professional service all the way.  The product itself is high quality and built to last. Streamline installation, with that extra care that just seems to be a standard practice. The clean fresh warm air into this icebox of a house is a welcome relief so no more stale air. It's a great decision we made to install from Solair, the SV30"
"I can report there is a marked improvement to the temperature, especially over night.  The temperature took a while to improve after the install of the new panel.  I think this was due to the house being very damp. The humidity has dropped over  the last couple of weeks.  Whilst the unit was out of action, the humidity was a constant 80%-90% range. Also, the temperature dropped overnight to a couple above outsides. Temperature was the same, no marked increase and was always warmer outside than in.  The one marked improvement I noted, the temperature stays constant over night!!  Which is great.  Whilst the temperature outside can drop to 15 degrees, the inside temperature at the start of the evening is around 22 degrees and only goes down to around 20.8 degrees at 2am-4am. It appears to be reasonably constant as I have been monitoring for some time now."  
Karl Cotter, Hornsby Heights, NSW

Solar Powered Fan Blows Hot Air

"Yes, the hot air just blows in when the sun shines! Fantastic. Bring on the winter sun!  Best moment - when my husband felt the warm air blowing into the house and said "this isn't costing us anything in electricity, right?" More sunny days, please!"
Bronwyn David, Sydney, NSW

Subfloor Fans Cool in Hot Weather

"Prior to installing my Solarventi unit with in-ground cooling system, the average summer day time temperature inside my portable house was 35 degrees. The cooling system has made a huge difference to the comfort of the house and since the installation, I have not experienced temperatures above 28 degrees. During winter, the condensation on the windows, which used to build up over night has been eliminatd by the warm dry air. The warmth supplied by the Solarventi on sunny winter days also takes the chill off the house and makes it very easy to heat."
Chris O'Brien, Jindera, NSW.

Solar Powered Ventilation Fans Reduce Asthma

"Our children, who experience allergies due to dust mites and mould, were finding it difficult to cope with the musty state of our beach house. It was getting to the point where they no longer wished to go there. Since the Solarventi has been installed, our childrens symptoms have dissappeared. Now the air inside our beach house is fresh as soon as we arrive and everyone is much happier. I particularly recommend this product to allergy sufferers. It has been a worthwhile investment for our family."
Elizabeth Foster, Willoughby, NSW.

Solar Power increases temperature

I had my SolarVenti system installed about 3 months ago. Since then there has been a noticeable temperature increase in heated and unheated home areas of 2-2.5C, 
which has reduced heating requirements and lowered the dissipation of heating to minimum use areas. Consequently, I use less artificial heating, but cannot accurately assess the dollar savings due to lack of data over this short term.
Pat A, Cherry Gardens,  SA.

No Running Costs for Solar Powered Fan

Prior to the installation of the SolarVenti the average night time inside temperature in winter was about 12-13ºC with a humidity around 80-90%. After the system was installed the average temperature increased by 2-3ºC and humidity levels have come down as low as 60%.  The cooling system also makes a noticeable difference on hot days.  Overall the SolarVenti provides me with an increase in general living amenity with no running costs.
Mark Aberdeen, Gawler,   SA 

No more Chilly nights!

We didn't have a severe mould or damp problem. However, we were unhappy about the 'chilly' atmosphere in the house and the SolarVenti has brought changes there.  There has been a definite improvement in the ambiance - most noticeable when re-entering the house after an absence (even if only a few hours).  We are glad that we took the plunge and had a SolarVenti installed.
Ray & Jenny Ensley, Elliminyt,  Vic

Solar Powered Roof Fan Reduces Mould and Mustiness

Returning home after six weeks away (house locked up, curtains closed) I was amazed by the difference. No more mouldy, musty smell, no more 'icebox' feel. The SolarVenti certainly works - it's like having a window open on a warm spring day, every day. Highly effective & highly recommended. 
Peter Aberdeen, Adelaide Hills,   SA

In 2006, we installed a SolarVenti SV14 to take the chill and dampness off a bedroom and a study. Based on our positive experience with the medium sized SV14, we had an SV30 installed in May 2007 to contribute towards the heating of the rest of the house. When we returned to the house the first time we were stunned by the difference. The house was significantly warmer and the SolarVenti was pumping so much heat in that I warmed my hands in front of the duct. Even though we were very happy with our SV14 - the performance of the SV30 has surpassed our expectations. The warm fresh air it provides on clear sunny days has, in conjunction with the high thermal mass of the house, raised the base-line temperature to a level that ensures that we generally only need our wood fired stove during the evenings of the winter months.
Vanessa Craven & Zdena Schwangmeier, Daylesford, Vic.

Solar Powered Roof Vents and Exhaust Fans for improved Ventilation

"In June 2010 we finally moved into our own home. By July 2010, my two kids and I had moved out to live at my mums. The new house had a problem with condensation and started to mould up. The problem was wide spread. The house was wet, extremely cold and the relative humidity was dangerously high.  The mould started on the ceilings and soon there was a film across the windows and speckling in the cupboards and on the ceilings. It progressively worsened on a daily basis.

I was horrified and devastated to say the least. We had done everything correctly,  building inspections and all, but I wasn't prepared for this problem. My kids both suffer from asthma and allergies and my new house was putting them at risk. I felt tremendous guilt for having placed them in a situation which was dangerous to their health. It was a very stressful time for us all.

I also suffer from allergies, including mould. My daughter became sicker (repeated courses of prednisone, with no effect) and so finally we moved out. Within days she finally began to improve, so my worst fears were confirmed  it WAS our house. I even brought her back for a day visit to test my theory and sure enough, her symptoms worsened.

My husband started running 2 dehumidifiers 24/7. They were each pulling between 6 -“ 12 litres a day from the rooms they were situated in. I started to do copious amounts on research on the internet to find a solution. In a state of desperation, I contacted Eamon from Solair about the Solarventi  range and he came and did a site visit. He looked at our issues in a holistic manner, by examining the whole property inside, outside, sub floor - everywhere.  He made small minor recommendations that we could follow through with and suggested a Solarventi SV30 model to be mounted on the roof.

We cleaned the mould and the SV30 was installed in the first week of August. Immediately I noticed that the air smelt a little fresher, but of course I was sceptical and who wouldnt be! We had asthma. I wanted to see if my money had truly been an investment, so over the next while I kept an eye on the humidity reading with portable hygrometers. Over the ensuing time, I watched the humidity levels drop in the house a little each week until they were at normal  levels within a few weeks.

It is now 5 months later. I have not had even one bit of mould spring up  the house is totally mould free, dry and the air is cleaner. There is no longer any musty smell in my house. My kids have not been sick at all and their asthma is under control again.

BUT, there was an incredible side benefit to this “ at the time of installation,  it was not even of consequence to me, I just wanted my kids to be well again. The Solarventi heats the house passively. To demonstrate -“ before the Solarventi went in, the air was very cold and wet. I could have my reverse cycle (3kw) air con running at 30 degree Celsius in our lounge room. The room was still freezing and we needed jumpers and blankets to stay warm. The air was so thick and wet, the heat couldn't penetrate it. It was terrible.

The brilliant thing now is - we have not turned our aircon on to warm the house (not even once), since one week after the Solarventi was installed. Our house stays at an even temp of around 18  19 degree Celsius (day & night) even when it is freezing outside. As long as there is some UV light, it is pumping clean hot dry air into the house. Its FREE to run - totally sustainable and the most incredible product. It still blows me away, especially when visitors comment on both the air freshness and the temperature of the house when its cold outside.

Without the Solarventi, we would never have been able to come back to this house and to be honest we would have been financially devastated had we of had to sell up and move so soon.

 I would never live in another house without having one installed (even if it didnt have a condensation issue) the benefits, both health and lifestyle are too great to miss out on. It has revolutionised our lives.

On behalf of my family I would like to say a huge thank you to Eamon Corless from Solair. At a time when I was desperate for a solution (and probably a little nutty due to the situation J) I was treated with respect and dignity. He recognised how desperate I was and even did the site visit during his holidays. He is knowledgeable and honest in his recommendations and did not try to up sell unnecessary products. He is a credit to this industry and saved our lives (maybe even literally in the case of my kids). Thank you with all my heart J "

 Jody Cartan -Kildey (Newcastle, NSW Australia)