Solarventi Applications

Solar Powered Heating & Dehumidification


Solar powered ventilation is a simple and environmentally sensible way to cool your home, roof, basement, shed, or workplace and save you money on your electricity bill. Powered completely by free solar energy, SolarVenti's high-quality Ventilation Kit for cooling addition means you can keep you cooler in Summer

The SolarVenti Ventilation kit can be installed on the north side of the building and combined with a standard solar air collector, regulated by a thermostat. 

When the indoor temperature exceeds the maximum set on the thermostat, the solar air collector stops injecting warm air. Instead, the extra fan will take over thus making it possible to shift between cool and warm air input according to your needs.The extra fan will supply cool air from the shady side of the house via the Ventilation Kit, therefore lowering the indoor temperature. 


Clean air for all Australian climates. All Solarventi air solar air collectors are bushfire tolerant with patented 1.5mm air intake perforations. All Solarventi solar air collector panels, framework and external duct are UV, weather and fire resistant. 'AA designated, 1Y rating' All Solarventi solar air collectors and framework are hail and high wind resistant for over ten years. Bushfire rating. Compliant to AS3959:2009, up to and including BAL-40.

"Clause 6.6.5(b) "Roof penetrations" :- Openings in vented roof lights, roof ventilators or vent pipes shall be fitted with ember guards made from a mesh or perforated sheet with a maximum aperture of 2mm, made of corrosion-resistant steel, bronze or aluminium"

Offices and Workplace

The optimum comfort range for relative humidity is 40-60 per cent. Relative humidity above 80 per cent can be associated with fatigue and reports of stuffiness. 

Air movement of less than 0.1 metres per second can lead to stuffy rooms.

For each person a minimum rate of 5-10 liters per second per person for general office space or 10 liters per second for every 10 square meters of floor space is recommended. Air contaminants in the office can include bacteria, viruses, mould spores and dusts, solvent vapours or chemicals generated or used in the building. Air conditioning units that do not provide adequate amounts of fresh air and can cause high levels of used stale air. Stale air due to poor ventilation and excessive heat build-up or humidity can also contribute to air contamination.  Stale air also causes tiredness and illness, in turn leading to down time and lost earnings.Employers need to do a proper risk assessment for every hazardous substance used in the workplace (such as ozone, dust, inks, solvents and toner). 

The concern regarding possible health effects is by association with health effects caused by ambient air pollution, indoor air quality (sick building syndrome,SBS). 

Safe Work Australia, requires employers to keep records of these risk assessments in accordance to airborne contaminants. (

Solar Drying Cupboard

Create your own solar drying cupboard or drying room in your home. Our Solarventi system can
 be used to heat and ventilate any area in your home and is very cost effective. Supplying clean dry fresh air everyday will give you fresh clothes. Stop using your clothes dryer today!

Holiday Properties

Whether you own a small apartment, a house, or even a huge villa on Lake Macquarie, the biggest problem is that you cannot be there constantly to ensure that the property is kept fully warm, dry and aired even when vacated for long periods of time. We all know the situation when you first visit your holiday property after the winter months. You unlock the doors and walk in to be greeted by that stale, musty dank atmosphere. What's your first reaction? You open up all of the doors and windows to get some clean fresh air into the room. Then you walk into the kitchen area and are dismayed to see that small black mildew patches have appeared all over the walls and tiles. Then you make yourself a cup of tea and decide to sit and relax for a while, but find that the half of a bag of sugar that you left in the kitchen cupboard has turned into a lump of rock. Finally, you actually do sit down, only to realise that your sofa and all the cushions smell musty and damp. !!!! If this sounds familiar, then Solarventi dehumidifiers are  the solution to your problems. Simply by using the power of the sun, your holiday property can get fresh, dry, warmed air pumped through every time the sun shines during the winter month.

Reduce rising damp and rising dampness problems.
If your home suffers from rising dampness, then you should consider installing a Solarventi. Reduce the problem of rising dampness smells and odours with increased ventilation and cut heat costs at the same time.

Houses and domestic propertySolarVenti

Many properties suffer from inadequate ventilation and become increasingly humid and full of stale air.
In the winter months when doors and windows are firmly shut this problem reveals itself with condensation and sometimes mould and mildew problems on walls. Living in these circumstances is not good for occupants health and constantly breathing an atmosphere that is encouraging mould and condensation may even shorten people's lives as well as making living conditions unpleasant. The simple answer is to open the doors and windows to improve ventilation but who wants to do that in the colder autumn and winter months? The easy answer is to fit a Solarventi unit that will automatically dry and heat air as the winter sun makes it available and pump it into your house. It is a true fit and forget solution that deals with the problem in a carbon neutral manner and has no running costs. The largest unit can also be supplied as a dual-purpose unit that optionally heats while pumping warm dry air into your house.

Boats and YachtsBoats

Boats, and yachts all suffer from dampness, especially when over-wintering, and the very unhealthy natural results of having a damp atmosphere such as decay, mildew, rust, fungal spores, coldness and unpleasant smells. The smaller SolarVenti units, the SV3 and SV7 provide a ready answer to these problems by drying out the living quarters and thus improving the atmosphere and quality of life on board the boat. This can also extend the life of a boat as a result of removing the dampness that encourages the decay processes. Even ignoring economic aspects just by having a boat that is always pleasant to return to makes the SolarVenti worth it's cost. How many times do you want to thoroughly clean the boat and throwaway stale bedding, curtains and smelly cushions?

Garages, Workshops, Libraries, Museums, Storage areas etc

Protect and preserve your valuable possessions using SolarVenti technology. Wherever you store your valuable assets the biggest threat is damp and humidity. In a damp atmosphere things deteriorate at an astonishing rate, even a few months of damp air can start to turn a prized car into rust. If you look in your garage, it's not only vehicles that suffer, but tools gardening equipment and bikes too. So, rather than paying for expensive to run electrical dehumidifiers, use the power of the sun, with our solar ventilation systems.. SolarVenti units have been proven to operate highly effectively when fitted to museums, garages and workshops, document storage areas etc.

Damp cellars and basementsSolarVenti On Roof

It is not surprising that a cellar is damp. In most cases the cellar floor is close to or below the water table. That said it is an easily solved problem and you do not need to resort to tanking unless you wish to live down there. Providing you have a North, North West facing wall, and the distance from that wall to the damp cellar or basement is not too far, a SolarVenti panel is an excellent method of keeping the atmosphere in your cellar / basement fresh and dry.If you have a problem with water ingress, a SolarVenti cannot cure this. You will need a sump and pump or special retention to fix the problem. However, when it comes to eradicating that horrible damp, musty smell, and eliminating those patches of mildew in the dark and dank corners, SolarVenti will provide a perfect solution.

Commercial and Industrial propertySolarVenti Farm

Many commercial and industrial properties suffer from inadequate ventilation and become increasingly humid and full of stale air. 
Wherever fresh dry warmed air is required they can be an ideal adoption to your existing air handling or ventilation systems.  So, to name but a few, they could be used in village halls, care and rest homes, hospitals, conference rooms, meeting rooms, hotels and hostels, bars, restaurants, kitchens, libraries, document stores, offices, workshops, store rooms, spray finishing rooms and French polishing shops. In fact, anywhere that requires a supply of fresh, warmed, clean dried air can benefit from SolarVenti. Note - the larger SolarVenti units can have a significant impact on space heating costs too, by reducing the energy required to heat your premises. Please contact us to discuss your specific commercial or industrial application requirements - we can suggest the optimal solution to meet your needs.

Sports Pavilions and Changing Rooms

Almost every sports facility has changing rooms and locker rooms and many of them suffer from the ever-present problems of bad sweaty odours and condensation from steam in the shower areas. A correctly sized SolarVenti dehumidifier will banish sweaty odours and resolves that condensation problem at zero running cost. So whether you are a golf club, or tennis club, you can transform your changing and locker rooms into rooms with a pleasant fresh atmosphere. As many cricket pavilions and some golf and tennis facilities have no mains power. Depending upon the size of your changing/locker room you can also provide some supplemental heating too, as the larger SolarVenti units actually warm the incoming air significantly meaning you can reduce your heating costs.