Barrett House

Barrett House is a heritage listed building that has been converted into a sustainable showcase home, as a joint project between Randwick, Woollahra and Waverly Council.

The house  showcases practical sustainability measures that can be implemented in any shape and size house, suitable to any budget.

We installed a SolarVenti air heating and cooling ventilation system at Barrett House. The SV30 is 100% solar powered, carbon-free and eco-friendly. 

Barrett House is open on Sustainable House Day, 15th September 2019. Take a visit and feel the warmth and comfortable environment of the SolarVenti system for yourself!

Barrett House


Art Barn

The Art Barn Eco-Arts Hub provides a creative space for local artists to collaborate and create new works in a sustainable way.

We installed a solar air collector and Solar Whiz system at the Art Barn as a sustainable heating and cooling method.

This has "drastically reduced our use of power and the need for traditional air conditioning and heating systems" according to the Art Barn. 

Art Barn


Siddha Yoga Centre Sydney 

The Siddha Yoga Centre Sydney is a yoga and meditation sanctuary.  

We installed a SolarVenti Pro for whole building ventilation. The SVPro system removes sweaty odours and condensation, while also providing heating and cooling for the building. 

Yoga Centre


Middle Head Officers Quarters

Middle Head Peninsula was a military fort established in 1801. The Officers Quarters  is considered to be one of the most significant buildings on Middle Head, which originally housed officers and served as a hospital and accomodation to the Australian Women's Army Service in WWII. The building is heritage listed and maintained by the Sydney Harbour Federation Trust

We installed a purpose-built twin fan solar ventilation system at the Officers Quarters. This purpose-built system provides mechanical ventilation to control moisture,prevents mould growth and structural damage. 


Yarramalong School Community Centre

The Yarramalong School Community Centre is the oldest stone heritage building in Wyong Shire. 

We installed a Solar Whiz Sub Floor Ventilation System to resolve subfloor issues such as dampness, rotting and musty smells. 


Heritage Listed Residential Homes

We have also installed solar ventilation systems on a number of heritage listed residential buildings in Sydney and Newcastle. 

Ventilation systems implemented in heritage listed buildings help to preserve structural materials, important documents and heritage furniture. 

Heritage Building