SolarVenti Air Collectors

Ventilate, Dehumidify and Warm Your Home

Fight Asthma

Almost 1 in 8 children now have asthma. This epidemic has been triggered by allergies to by house dust mites and airborne spores in homes and buildings. 

85% of asthmatic cases are reactions from house dust mites, allergens fungi and spores. The Solarventi solar air collector eliminates stale air and odour's caused by lack of ventilation in winter by pumping in fresh, filtered warm, dry air into your home.

This eliminates moulds, dampness, condensation, dust mites and toxic air. This cleanses the bad indoor environment that toxic pollutants exude continually from building materials, furniture etc. after construction, painting or renovation -VOC's.

Ventilate your home

Keep your home fresh and dry with SolarVenti air collectors. The very best home ventilation system for all asthma and respiratory suffers.

Humidity free, clean fresh filtered ventilation

KIll Dust Mites

SolarVenti reduces internal humidity levels, making our homes far less hospitable to house dust mites, spores, mildew, fungi and mould (mold). Heated, dry fresh air is ventilated through the Solarventi panels facing the sun.

The solar powered air collectors ventilate the whole house, the air you breathe and in turn drying out walls, ceilings, clothes and furnishings.

THe Bottom line

A Solarventi generates real heat, real fresh air, real drying and real complete ventilation for your home. Complete all year, every year comfort guaranteed.

comfort heating and ventilation

Built Tough

Solarventi air collectors front panels are tested to BS476: Part 7. This means that Solarventi solar air collectors can be installed in bush fire zones. 

All tests were given a class 1Y rating. All Solarventi air collectors are designed for all weather situations and are hail and snow resistant.

Total assurance

New Fraunhofer tests awarded to Solarventi with the worlds first Solar Keymark on commercial solar air collectors coming in 2015. Having already achieved some of the highest testing results from  CE,  DaneTV,  Delta and DTU for solar efficiency, the Solarventi is the leader in its market.

solarventi home diagram

Hassle free

With a five year warranty, no outgoings and no maintenance, this is a great investment for you and your family.

The patent protected SolarVenti is highly effective and delivers

  • Fresh Air Ventilation 
  • Inlet heat temps up to 43C
  • Real dehumidification throughout
  • A healthy indoor comfort climate
  • High heating cost savings, good ROI

Since 1986

SolarVenti has developed and sold solar air collectors since 1986. Now 60 000 SolarVenti's are mounted all over the world.

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