5 Ways To Naturally Heat Your Home

With winter around the corner, we're already feeling the cold and looking for some solutions to keep us warm. Here's what we recommend to keep your home naturally warm, without pushing up the electricity bill.

1. Buy A Portable Fireplace

Did you know that there are portable fireplaces? These run off bio-ethanol fuel. We recommend Black & Stone's line of fireplaces. These fireplaces don't give off any smoke that needs exhausting. So there's no need for a chimney or a rangehood installation. These start at a relatively low cost of $600. With next to none running costs and instant heat, it has many benefits over the ol' reverse cycle air conditioner.

2. Heavy Curtains & Let In SUn

Installing thick and heavy curtains will retain the heat inside your home. Additionally, throughout the day, take note of where the sun shines in and where the sun doesn't get to. Throughout the day, you can open the curtains where the sun shines in (eastern or western side) and keep the southern side closed off (the side that won't get any sunlight).

3. Keeps the Doors Closed

Make sure that the all the doors are closed to rooms that aren't in use can be a simple way to keep heat contained and that you're not wasting any heat on the furniture.

4. Heat Transfer Kits

Often, people have a fireplace or heater in one room and that heat doesn't transfer throughout the entire house efficiently. Installing a heat transfer kit and ducting between rooms can more effectively funnel the heat into the neighbouring or coldest rooms. This even reduces the extreme cold often experienced by the poor soul that sleeps in the southern bedroom.

5. Dehumidifiers

Opting for a dehumidifier for your home will reduce the moisture in the air, making it feel warmer. SolarVenti systems are solar powered and pump warm, ventilated, dry air into your home. Basically, a free to run ducted heating system.

Keeping warm in winter doesn't have to drive up the electricity bill. Investing in a smarter ventilation system will automatically keep your home cooler in summer and warmer in winter but also reduce your home's energy footprint.