Commercial Exhaust Fans for Commercial Ventilation

In 2014 Solar Whiz introduced its first commercial exhaust fans – the first dedicated solar commercial fan in the market.

You might think that solar industrial fans will not be powerful enough to ventilate factories, warehouses, etc. However, the reality is that the Solar Whiz SW-RAF10000 are one of the most powerful commercial exhaust fans available in Australia.

If you are in the market for industrial fans for factory ventilation or warehouse ventilation, 
understanding your needs and doing your research is very important to ensure that you make the right decision for which commercial exhaust fans you decide to purchase.

The decision involves determining the size of the area to be ventilated and number of air changes required, which depends on the actual use. With this information you can then proceed to choose the right and most cost effective commercial ventilation solution. The higher the capacity of the commercial exhaust fans or industrial fans, the less units required, which reduces the installation cost – so don’t forget this factor when considering which industrial fans to install.

Industrial Extractor Fans & Commercial Exhaust Fans

Cool Air displacement
Metal roof warehouse cooling

In the past most factories and warehouses were equipped with commercial whirlybirds. However, these industrial whirlybirds are generally not very powerful and rely on wind or heat build up inside the building to remove the heat and ventilate the area. In an era of stringent OH&S requirements, relying on wind or build up of heat to ensure a comfortable and safe working environment may not be your best option. Our Solar fans can completely adjust the working environment toxin, spirit, gaseous, fume or  VOC filled environment to a clean healthy building to work at.

With our new fan systems, we can engineer these to have an override system in order to remove manufactured heat load from printers, ovens (up to 200C), machinery, sealers, coolers, catering equipment etc. With these adapted system, a customer can avail of night purging (lunar cooling) where there is a dropping the buildings temperature to cool down for a lower base temperature before staff arrive in the morning. 

Free Advice -  As We Practice 'Innovation in Ventilation' ™

We are here to help – so please don’t hesitate to give us a call on 1300 247 379 to discuss your specific application. We have attained cooling relief from customers @ Swim Centers, Furniture Welding & Manufacturing, Engine Cleansing warehouse, Shopfitting Manufacturer, Large scale Vinyl Printers, Book and Paperback Printers,  Commercial Soup Manufacturer, Health Supplement Warehouse.

We are happy to spend time with you to understand what you need to make sure we recommend the most cost effective solution for your commercial ventilation requirements. With a growing range of commercial exhaust fans and industrial extractor fans being installed to 'take heat out', they don't tell you where the displacement air is coming from !! – We are confident we will be able to offer you the best 'cooling' ventilation through your building and  “bang for your buck”. We encourage you to check out what the competition has to offer – and will be happy to help you compare to make sure you are comparing apples with apples. You may find a lot of 'hot air' that is being spoken.

If you want to read more about commercial ventilation – please use this link to the Solar Whiz commercial exhaust fans page.