SolarVenti Professional

Air Collector Panels

for HVAC systems -preheating - grain drying-kiln drying - bio-waste drying - swimming pool de-humidification


Clean air for all Australian climates. All Solarventi air solar air collectors are bushfire suitable with patented 1.5mm air intake perforations. All Solarventi solar air heater panels, framework and external duct are UV, weather and fire resistant. 'AA designated, 1Y rating'. All Solarventi solar air heaters and framework are hail and high wind resistant for over ten years. Bushfire rating, deemed to satisfy, up to and including BAL-29.

Clause 6.6.5(b) "Roof penetrations" :- Openings in vented roof lights, roof ventilators or vent pipes shall be fitted with ember guards made from a mesh or perforated sheet with a maximum aperture of 2mm, made of corrosion-resistant steel, bronze or aluminium.


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of units sold and installed


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Developed in Denmark, the SolarVenti is the ultimate commercial HVAC. 

It harnesses energy from the sun for a heating and ventilation solution that's free to run.

Used extensively in Europe, this commercial air system is now available for supplyin Australia and New Zealand.

SolarVenti Professional air collectors are perfect for :- 

  • mining
  • agriculture
  • manufacturing
  • drying systems
  • high occupancy 'free air' buildings
  • bio waste industries
  • swimming centers

The SolarVenti Professional is the key to unlock energy savings in your HVAC systems. Designed for system manufacturers. Correctly balanced air intake, the SolarVenti ® Professional will pre-heat, heat at high temperatures, dehumidify and ventilate.

HVAC Integration

The solar air heaters can be integrated with existing air handling (HVAC) systems or designed specifically to optimize the HVAC requirements of a new build, and is top of the market in carbon neutral energy  solutions. These ventilation systems are known as transpired air collectors.

How it Works

The innovation lies in the incoming fresh air that enters the air collector through the multiple perforations across the entire back wall. Before entering the collector’s plenum, the air is drawn in through the thermal absorber made of black felt.

The surface of the back causes a turbulent flow in the collector which leads to greater heat transfer hence, increased efficiency. Even on overcast days, increased temperatures over ambient temperatures are achievable. However dehumidification is always increased due to thermal flow.

The main feature is that the air gap created between the perforated wall and the thermal absorber offers enormous thermal heat and resistance to activate solar thermal energy transfer to the incoming air, thereby greatly increasing air temperature of the intake ventilation air.

This is HVAC re-circulation at work.

Leave the air-conditioner off and reap the incredible energy savings.

Get in touch today with one of our technicains, to find out how your business can benefit from the energy saving and commercial drying solution that is the SolarVenti Professional Unit. 02 43678252.

  • Preheating of new air for industrial, commercial, institutional and agricultural buildings.
  • Drying of grains/harvest or nuts in the agricultural field and in warm or cold climates.
  • Preheating of air for air-air or air-water heat pumps.
  • Night cooling of large complex  air conditioning systems.
  • Can be retrofitted or adapted to new air systems.
  • Supply only components or installation.
  • Mass energy saving.

Denmark's Solarventi  has developed the ultimate sustainable commercial solar heating solution. Peaking the physical limits of solar heat transfer with results as high as 80% in thermal efficiency. They have sold and installed several hundred solar air heating systems on commercial, combustion air preheating, heat pump assistance, drying or dehumidification.

Whether it is ventilation or drying in mining, agriculture, manufacturing or air conditioning, the Solarventi IProfessional is Australia's future of energy saver.  New Fraunhofer tests awarded to Solarventi with the worlds first Solar Keymark on commercial solar air collectors coming in 2015. Having already achieved some of the highest testing results from  CE,  DaneTV,   Delta and DTU for solar efficiency, the Solarventi is the leader in its market.

The Solarventi will get the very best out of your building's HVAC, fan or ducted control system.

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Brochures and Manuals for installation - # PR10 for ground/flat roof on timber beam, # PR20 for Ground or flat roof -direct bolting, #Pr30/40 for ground/flat roof multi run, # PR60 for angular wall mounting, # PR90 for wall  mounting.

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Solarventi montage PR20.pdf Solarventi montage PR20.pdf
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Solarventi montage PR30_PR40.pdf Solarventi montage PR30_PR40.pdf
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