Outdoor BBQ Ventilation

We recently received a call from a customer. He had an outdoor barbecue under his roof’s eave. Obviously when he operated the BBQ, with nowhere for the fumes to go, grease would end up on the roof.

He thought he’d use a range hood to exhaust his BBQ into the roof space and then use a whirlybird to exhaust it outside of the roof space. However, he thought this would be clunky and we agree with him!

There’s two problems with using both a whirlybird and a range hood to exhaust your bbq fumes.

Firstly, the noise. Range hoods have the fan housed inside the range hood. So when the fan is turned on, you’ve got a thundering noise as you BBQ.

Secondly, your whirlybird and roof space is going to clog with grease!

Our solution would be to use a Schweigen Range Hood. These systems come in outdoor models and house the exhaust fan outside the unit, in the roof. A silent and beefy solution that'll keep the grease off your roof and out of your roof space.