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Sydney energy grants -Strata   Grants are now available for Owners corporations to be eligible for environmental audits and energy efficiency projects. These can involve study and projects into water saving and enery saving and management. One of these can include using Solar Powered fans to eliminate trapped heat thereby removing heat load from large roof areas, this in turn massively reduces the use of air conditioning use. Saving energy, saving money.  Hurry, present closing date is march 13..    Contact us today for more information on our innovative solar powered heat removal systems.

<p>Seasons greetings to all our friends, stay cool and watch out for your air quality. 🇦🇺</p>
<p>Nothing nicer than getting through a day without having breathing issues.. (at Terrigal, New South Wales, Australia)</p>
<p>Its Hot!!!! Sydney, Gosford and Newcastle all at 35C, UV Index Extreme and humidity maxing at 63% in Newcastle, Stay cool with <a href=""></a></p>
<p>This is ‘free cooling’ , no air con, just using the natural cool the of the building. Outdoor temps -32C, air in temp- 35C, Rh 35%, our office 24/25C.. Cool as…Fresh as…. (at SolarVenti)</p>
<p>The SolarVenti - clean fresh air even on hot days- it works… (at Solair Ventilation)</p>