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<p>Seasons greetings to all our friends, stay cool and watch out for your air quality. 🇦🇺</p>
<p>Nothing nicer than getting through a day without having breathing issues.. (at Terrigal, New South Wales, Australia)</p>
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<p>Roof surface temperature on a mid 20’s day on the Central Coast. Just as well we have a cooling system for all roof types. 😍</p>

Is your home harming you? New research highlights deadly effects of indoor pollution

The time we spend indoors is probably the longest breathing air time we endure. Aside from  the ‘norm’ accepted toxins we allow in our home every day, we do not take into account high humidity, accelerators from perfumes, air fresheners and how they interact in the same environment to create dangerous cocktails for our lungs and body cells.

It is essential that a consistent air flow filtrated or not be running through the house or building. Not just movement but essential fresh air change or 'free air’ which not only dilutes or removes these toxins but brings positive energy associated with fresh air through the building.

Science Daily - University of Sydney.

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